Young people with disability, their families, health care professionals, educators, policy makers and sporting representatives all gathered in Clontarf Castle on March 25th for our Youth Experience Matters World Café. Together, we shared the findings of this physical activity research and collectively exchanged ideas, perspectives, and insights to action our findings ‘the top 10 priorities’ for enhancing participation in physical activity as identified and chosen by teenagers with physical disability.   

With a shared goal of enhancing participation in physical activity for individuals with physical disabilities, the room was alive with energy. Ideas, insights and knowledge were exchanged, reflecting the collective determination and passion for change of everyone involved. 

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“It was absolutely fantastic to be sitting at a café scenario and a table with all the relevant voices, it doesn’t happen often enough so you had parents, young people themselves with disability, policy makers, therapists, managers the full range of people that should be coming together and involved in making the change we need” Head of Operations, Central Remedial Clinic  

“It was nice to hear everyone’s opinions on the topics and not just my own and specially to voice my own opinion because sometimes we have these opinions like in our head but there is nowhere to actually say them” Young person with physical disability  

“Just sitting in a room with like-minded people but from really different backgrounds has been a really good learning experience for me personally but also really I suppose put a bit of fire in me in terms of the needs that are out there and how we can make this happen and hope that this can happen” Occupational Therapist, Central Remedial Clinic 

Following the success of this event, and the evident passion and determination for change within the room, we hope to form a network of like-minded people for sharing physical activity knowledge, resources and insights. If you are interested please get in touch by emailing  


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picture of 5 people participating in discussion in a small table group. Another small table comprising of six people is visible in the background