RELATE-CP: Researching mental health and well-being in young people with cerebral palsy

We are doing this study to understand mental health and well-being among young people with cerebral palsy on the island of Ireland.

Children with cerebral palsy may need support with their mental health but they sometimes have difficulty finding the right support. A lack of research describing the mental health of young people with cerebral palsy on the island of Ireland makes it difficult to develop appropriate services and supports. We hope this research will inform and justify the development of appropriate supports for young people with cerebral palsy and families.

What are we doing?


We're asking all children and young people with cerebral palsy aged 6-17 years to complete a survey about their mental health.


We're looking for young people with cerebral palsy aged 13-25 years who have experienced mental health challenges to take part in an interview with a researcher. We also want to speak to parents if your child has had mental health challenges to understand your experience.

How to take part

You can complete the survey online by following this link

Please contact us if you want to receive information about the study.

The team

This research includes collaborators from RCSI, the Central Remedial Clinic, Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Surrey.

The research team is:
Dr Jennifer Ryan, Dr Manjula Manikandan, Dr Jennifer Fortune, Dr Aisling Walsh, Professor Mary Cannon, Dr Ian McClelland, Dr Aoife Twohig, Jessica Burke, Dr Claire Kerr, Dr Ruth Kevlin, Dr Kimberly Smith, Michael Walsh.

This project is funded by the HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme, with co-funding from the Central Remedial Clinic.