Public Involvement

Public involvement in research, commonly known as ‘Public and Patient Involvement’ or ‘PPI’, is described as research being carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ members of the public rather than ‘to’, ‘about’ or ‘for’ them. PPI is different from participation in a research study. It involves being part of the process of discussion, providing comment and feeding back views and opinions for researchers to incorporate into their work.


We work to embed PPI in all our research projects by including the voices of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, their families and health professionals.


If you would like to be involved in our research as a PPI contributor please contact us. We will keep your information and contact you when opportunities for getting involved arise.

You can find out more about PPI in the videos below.

What do PPI contributors do?

There are many different ways you can contribute to research. For example:

  • Support the development of documents for the project such as advertisements and information sheets
  • Advise on the methods used to recruit participants
  • Advise on the methods used to collect data such as the content of surveys
  • Pilot methods of data collection such as surveys or interviews
  • Discuss and comment on the findings of the research
  • Develop resources based on the research findings
  • Advise on, design and develop leaflets and other materials outlining the findings of the research for the public