Public Involvement

Public Involvement Panel

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The Public Involvement Panel at CP-Life Research Centre is made up of individuals working together to shape the direction of our research, ensuring it addresses what matters most to people with CP and their families and aligns with the communities needs and priorities.

Our panel is made up of a diverse range of individuals including young people, adults, parents and families, representing various ages, genders and backgrounds.

No prior research knowledge is necessary — members share advice, information and expertise based on their lived experience to make sure our research is the best it can be for people with CP and other disabilities, and their families.

Involvement can range from short-term commitments, like a quick phone call or email exchange, to more extensive involvement, like helping to design a study, applying for research funding, serving on project advisory committees, contributing to social media campaigns, or speaking at CP-Life Research Centre events.

What we mean by ‘Public Involvement’

Public Involvement is the term we use to describe working with people with lived experience and their supporters on research. Many words are used to describe Public Involvement, like Public and Patient Involvement or PPI.

Being a Public Involvement Panel member at CP-Life is different to being a participant in research. Research participants may respond to surveys, take part in interviews or try out an intervention. Panel members act as consultants and collaborators, advising us on our research and/or conducting research with us. They are engaged from the outset and have the opportunity to influence research. They contribute to choosing research topics, planning designs and methods, conducting research, analysing findings and ensuring the findings reach and inform the people who need to know.

Why Public Involvement is so important to CP-Life Research Centre

At CP-Life, we deeply value Public Involvement because it ensures our research is guided by the voices of people with CP and what matters most to them. We understand the invaluable expertise and insights held by individuals with cerebral palsy and their families. This collaborative partnership ensures that our research is not only impactful and relevant but also results in outcomes and interventions specifically tailored to meet the needs of people with CP and their families. Ultimately, it ensures our research aligns with the community’s priorities and will make an important difference to the lives of disabled people.

You can find out more about Public Involvement in the videos below: