We are excited to share the findings of our recent research which explored the various factors that affect the transition from child to adult health services for young people with cerebral palsy in Ireland. The article was published in Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. We talked to 13 young people, 14 parents, and 27 health professionals about their experience of the transition process in Ireland. To understand what influences the move from child to adult services, we looked at things on four levels: the young person’s own thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and experiences; how young people interact with their parents and health professionals; how health professionals interact with each other and with families; the bigger systems, policies and other factors that affect how  transition happens. We hope this research contributes to enhancing the transition experience for young people with cerebral palsy and informs future policies and practices in Ireland and beyond. The article is available on our Research Outputs page or on the journal website.