Mapping health services for adults with cerebral palsy

Health professionals, people with cerebral palsy and families told us that having a directory of services that are available to adults with cerebral palsy would support the transition from child to adult health services. We conducted this study to pilot and refine a method to map health services for adults with cerebral palsy in Ireland.

We used a survey to collect information about services from health professionals, families and people with cerebral palsy. We checked the information we received and sought more details about the service by searching online and by asking organisations to complete a survey. We found it challenging to find accurate information about services including if adults with cerebral palsy were eligible to receive them and how to access them.

The team

The research team was: 

Shalini Jagdeo, Dr Manjula Manikandan, Dr Jennifer Ryan, Fiona Weldon, Sarah Harrington, Dr Rory O’Sullivan, Dr Jennifer Fortune, Dr Claire Kerr, Dr Owen Hensey and Mary Owens. 


The study was funded by a HRB Summer Student Scholarship awarded to Shalini Jagdeo.